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March 08, 2022

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Master ImageAs we all know, market dynamics are increasingly changing, especially with the use of the Internet and social networks. Now everything is just a click away, buying, renting or selling real estate is as close as a phone call or a message. This dynamic is rarely compatible with the speed of response of the banking sector, as large volumes of documents and long waiting times are usually required to obtain funds for investments in the real estate sector. Private equity funds are therefore the perfect way to bridge the gap between investment opportunities and investments.

A private real estate lender specializes in commercial real estate financing and will help you analyze, structure and manage each loan, from origination to repayment, so that you can complete your real estate transactions successfully and on time.

This type of lender provides short and long-term debt and/or equity. Funds are provided for the acquisition and refinancing of event-driven, value-add, transient, stabilized and new construction projects. The primary benefits of this option are quick closings on purchase transactions and immediate payouts on any type of commercial or investment property, while offering competitive interest rates and terms in the marketplace.

In this article, we present some options that will allow you to take advantage of any opportunity for real estate investment in the market. We recommend you use them as an alternative to bridge the time until you obtain permanent financing.

  • Rental Portfolio: A Rental Portfolio financing provides real estate investors access to long-term capital offered at a fixed rate. In addition to consolidation of existing debt, portfolio financing may also be used to unlock cash from investment property portfolios.
  • Credit Line: A Credit Line is a type of short-term financing that uses the equity in a non-owner-occupied property to provide ongoing access to cash through a revolving credit facility. This type of loan provides investors with flexible financing options for acquiring new properties, refinancing existing investments, and financing renovations.
  • Build for Rent: A Build For Rent loan provides one-stop financing solutions to qualified developers building new rental properties. Besides providing certainty of funding during the construction phase, we also provide long-term financing after projects have stabilized.
  • Multifamily loan: Through multifamily financing, you can purchase or refinance small multifamily properties with two to four units and large apartment complexes with five or more units.
  • Ground-up construction: A Ground-up Construction loan is designed to provide an efficient financing solution for the construction of single-family homes, multifamily units and mixed-use projects that are ready to build or shovel-ready. This type of loan is a great opportunity for builders looking to start a new project without having to wait for bank financing, builders who own an entitlement or shovel-ready property but need the financing to get the project started, or for a fix & flip project that involves extensive renovation work requiring vertical or significant horizontal additions to the property.
  • Bridge Lending: A bridge loan is a short-term, temporary real estate loan secured by the asset that can close faster than term loans or conventional loans. This program is primarily used to bridge the gap between the purchase and sale of the property.

  • Master ImageWe know that bank loans may not be available as quickly, so you can take advantage of the opportunities that the market offers. Therefore, with solutions such as those described in this article, you can be more competitive, more functional and have access to funds quickly and with flexible terms.

    We are sure the sooner you can find a property, make an offer, close and start your next project, the sooner you can earn a return on your investment and continue to expand your reach. So do not hesitate to count on us when you need a loan, because we can offer you a wide range of financial products to suit your needs.

    If you have any questions or would like more information, call or text us at 800-369-2342.

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